Power Flush Your Central Heating System

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Eliminates system blockages improving circulation giving you a warmer home

Faster heat up times for your central heating radiators

Increase the lifespan of your heating system components like your boiler and pump

Increase the efficiency of your central heating system and reduce your heating bills

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The Process

A Power flush is performed to clean out a central heating system, getting rid of any contaminants potentially harmful to the system. an engineer will attatch a power flush machine at an appropriate point on the central heating system.

The power flush machine is designed to push water through the system at high vilocity forcing any contaminants free and then pumping it out of the system through a dump valve. special chemicals are added to the process during the flush in order to help brake down the contaminants and or any potential blokages. At the end of the flush a chemical corrosion inhibitor should be left in the system to prevent further corrosion.

The length of time a power flush takes will vary depending on the size of the central heating system and the extent of the contamination.